There have been many notable factors about the year 2020. The global pandemic comes to mind. As does the social unrest revolving around systematic injustice and oppression. However, it’s been a significant year beyond social implications. The environment has been at sort of a crucial crossroads for quite some time, and while 2020 has slowed the depletion of our environment to some extent – there’s much more work to do in terms of energy efficiency and environmental conservation. 

ISO 50001 addresses the importance of building conservational efforts directly into a business strategy. That allows organizations to more easily and readily make contributions to the global effort of preserving our planet, and reducing the rate and effects of global warming, also known as climate change. 

Elements of ISO 50001

Just like any ISO certification – ISO 50001, achieves the underlying goals of energy conservation and company contributions toward reducing the rates of climate change, by implementing a series of high-level processes and procedures that are systematic. 

The network of processes and procedures are designed with specific purpose. The systematic chain addresses certain elements that are included in the ISO 50001 standards. Many standards in the ISO family, and ISO 50001 included, emphasize operational efficiency, cost-savings to improve the bottom line, and in this case, addresses the company’s global impact. 

Operational Efficiency

The entire purpose of ISO certifications are to form businesses that are more efficient and effective within the spaces they operate. While each company and organization is going to have a unique set of specific needs that may only apply to their own organization, the overall end-result from ISO certification is the same. 

ISO 50001 provides organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage their energy consumption. As such, one of the most crucial aspects of ISO 50001, is developing a sophisticated and effective energy management system (EnMS). 

An energy management system is designed to help companies take control over their volume of energy consumption month-over-month and year-after-year. 


No matter the business, the bottom line is almost always on the mind of the decision makers, and organizational leaders. ISO 50001 and energy conservation efforts in general, actually often lead to astronomical overall life-time savings. 

Due to the high costs associated with spending excessive amounts of energy on business operations, there is a huge value to approaching energy consumption from a completely different avenue. While setting up energy efficient channels that are self-sustainable, and rechargeable can come with an elevated upfront cost, the annual cost associated is nominal. 

Therefore, the energy efficient approach may cost slightly more upfront, but in the long run, it will pay for itself before you know it. Whereas traditional energy sources will continue to burn a hole in your wallet for decades to come. 

Energy Efficiency and ISO 50001

Developing a comprehensive and effective energy management system is a long and often arduous process. However, pulling from knowledge garnered over years of experience, and trusting the proven salt of ISO consultants can ease the process, and streamline your ISO certification process from start to finish. 

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